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Bug report

Submitting a bug report can help libcpuid developers to get your CPU properly recognized in the future. If your bug concerns a more general problem of the library, use the tracker instead.


  1. Run the cpuid_tool utility (it ships along with libcpuid). It will silently generate two files in the current directory: raw.txt and report.txt (the former contains raw CPUID data from your CPU; the latter contains the recognized data - it is provided just for reference, as libcpuid developers can recreate it using the raw data only).
  2. Using the form below, select to upload these two files to the bug database
  3. In the comment field of the form, write a short explanation (in English, please!) why you think libcpuid is at fault (e.g. incorrect number of cores, cache sizes, incorrect CPU codename, ... anything!).
  4. If you think that will help, make a screenshot from CPU-Z or some similar application, and send it along as well (for CPU-Z: you can get a screenshot by pressing F5 on the main page; this will generate a .bmp file in the current directory. Be aware that you need to compress this image to png or jpeg - there is a 80KB limit on the size of the images). A screenshot is worth a thousand words after all :)
  5. All the data you send will be kept private - only libcpuid developers have access to it

The bug-report form

File raw.txt:

File report.txt:

Your comment:
(a short explanation of what is wrong)

(optional) CPU-Z screenshot: (no more than 80KB, please!)



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